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After earning a Bachelor's degree in Early Childhood and Special Education in 2005, Sam taught Special Education for seven years. While teaching children from widely diverse backgrounds, Sam realized there was a shortage of counselors with the necessary expertise and training to address the emotional and spiritual needs of the uniquely challenged child and their families. 

Sam earned a Master's of Science in Professional Counseling from Harding University in 2009 where he developed the Career Center for students and alumni.  Upon graduating, he served for three years as a school counselor in a private school for children with learning differences. 

Sam has been serving children who have special needs and their families, since 1996. His specialties include children with learning differences such as AD/HD, Asperger’s Syndrome, Cerebral Palsy, and mild Autism. He assists parents in developing effective strategies that guide and prepare children to lead a successful, independent life.  He also offers general counseling for individuals, particularly adolescent and young adult males. Sam has extensive training and experience in career counseling through his professional association with Abilene Christian University in Dallas and University of Phoenix. 

Sam has a passion for people of all ages, stages of life and gender who feel they are living on the margins.

Sam Peters LPC: TeamMember
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